Water Heater Repair in Lubbock

Water Heater Repair in Lubbock

Has your water heater recently stopped supplying your home with hot water? If so, we can help! Give Action Air & Plumbing a call today to schedule your fast & affordable water heater repair in Lubbock, Tx! We are standng by and ready to help at (432) 620-8900. Whether you are in need of emergency service or have only limited availability, we can accomodate you. Being a locally owned and operated company has some distinct advantages like low-cost same day service.

In the nearly 2 decades that we've provided plumbing service in Lubbock County we have developed a water heater examination process that helps us to quickly diagnose and repair broken water heaters. We understand that time and money are both important factors in choosing a company to perform your water heater repair service in Lubbock. You can rest assured that both are covered when you choose Action Air & Plumbing.

Whether your home utilizes a gas, electric, standard, or tankless water heater, we have the expertise to get it working like new again. When one of our licensed plumbers is dispatched to your home to peform our a water heater evaluation, he will walk you through exactly what is going on with your unit, and provide you with every available option for repair.

Common Water Heater Issues

Below we have outlined some of the most common issues requiring water heater repair in Lubbock.

– Sudden Lack Of Hot Water: There is a laundry list of possible reasons why a water heater might suddenly stop producing hot water. Usually, it means that a water heater has become completely non-functional. With electric water heaters this can be something as simple as a flipped breaker in an electric panel. With a gas unit, a pilot light that has gone out is another main cause. If neither of the above are causing your unit to malfunction, there is likely a more complex issue occuring that will require a professional plumber to diagnose.

– Water Only Gets Warm, Not Hot: From clogged up or rusted lines, to deteriorated components like a diptube or malfunctioning burner ther are several reasons why you may be experiencing only warm water throughout your home.

– Water Collection/Pooling Around Water Heater: Wet spots or water pooling up around the outside of a water heater is always a cause for great concern. Whether the moisture is collecting around the top of the water heater, on pipes, or around the base of the unit, it’s time to call in the professionals. Some leaks can be repaired but a leaking tank must be replaced 99 times out of 100.

– Water Flowing Through The T&P Valve: The T&P stands for temperature and pressure. A T&P Valve is located on the side of a water heater’s tank and usually runs from there to outside of your home. A T&P Valve serves a very important purpose. It keeps your water heater from reaching too high a temperature or pressure, effectively preventing your water heater from exploding. A leaking valve needs to be replaced immediately if leaking.

Lubbock Texas Water Heater Repair

– How long does it take to install a new hot water heater? In most cases, a water heater can replaced the very same day you call in to schedule service. The entire process of removing an old unit and installing the new one typically takes just a few hours. Determining factors include the location of the unit, permits, and safety code considerations. As a licensed plumbing contractor in State of Texas there are certain state codes that we have to adhere to for your safety. Sometimes it is necessary to make small updates or adjustments to items during installation. These code updates can add a small amount of extra time to an installation if necessary.

– How much does it cost to repair a broken hot water heater? The cost to repair a broken hot water heater will largely depend on what is wrong with the unit. First, the issue must be diagnosed. From there we can deterimine if it can indeed be repaired and walk you through the cost options for both repairing the damaged components or installing a new water heater. It is imporant to note that water heaters come in different shapes & sizes and run on different energy sources ie gas or electric. To accurately quote a water heater installation price we will need to view your current unit. We provide free water heater installation estimates in Lubbock for your convenience.

– I need water heater repair near me. We proudly service the Lubbock Texas area, and are available for your water heater repair and installation needs 6 days a week!

To schedule service or request a free estimate for your water heater repair in Lubbock, simply give us a call at (432) 620-8900 or fill out our quick and easy contact form to the right of this page!